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Clear Failing Pending Requests On Mobile
Clear Failing Pending Requests On Mobile

This article walks you through how to remove pending requests that are failing and blocking the sync from completing.

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Important Note:

  • Do not remove failing pending requests on mobile unless directed by the Joyfill support team!

  • You should only remove one request at a time and retry sync after each deletion attempt. Once you have deleted the individual failing request that is blocking the sync from completing, all other pending requests should successfully sync.

  • 99% of the time a sync will fail because your device does not have a stable internet connection. Please ensure you have a stable internet connection and retry sync multiple times. If sync continues to fail then reach out to support for help and we will review what is causing the failure.

Steps on how to clear a failing pending request:

Step 1:

In the bottom nav menu go into the More Tab > Pending Requests > Error Request

Step 2:

Once you identify the failing request press on it. At the bottom of the request details you will see a Delete Change button. Delete the change and retry syncing again using the Start Sync button.

Important Note: We recommend you retry syncing after every single deletion. Once you clear the error'd requests all the other pending requests will successfully sync.

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