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How To Integrate Your Gmail, Outlook & More (Email 2.0)
How To Integrate Your Gmail, Outlook & More (Email 2.0)

You can now email your form submissions to customers directly from your Docspace account email and the ability to CC.

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Our new email integration feature allows you to connect your email to your Docspace account. This will make it so that when you email your form submissions to customers the email comes from your Docspace account email. This allows customers to respond to you directly. We also added the ability to CC others when sending a form submission. Wanting to have all your Docspace group users use a single admin email to send emails to customers? No problem you can just connect the one Docspace group user with the email you want all your team members to use and that will show up as their default sender email when sending out form submissions on mobile and web.

Don't want/need to connect your Docspace email? That is okay, by not connecting your email you will still use the as the sender by default like normal.

Let's see how to do this.

Step 1: Connect your email

First, let's start with the web, and then we will see how to do it on mobile. You can simply do this by going to your Settings > Account and clicking Connect Email or you can also do this from any form submission by going to Export > Email Submission and clicking Connect Email at the top.

Connect from your Account page:

Step 2: Send an email from your Docspace account email

Once you have connected your email you can now send any form submission from your Docspace account email or any user in your team that has a Docspace email connected account. If you do not see a user in the From list then that means they need to login and connect their email account.

Connect on the mobile app?

Connecting on mobile is the same as web so we will cover it briefly here. By clicking Connect Email you will be sent to the login page of your email provider.

Just like the web if you do not want to connect email, then just keep emailing your forms as normal and the emails will continue to have the sender

1. Connect from a form submission (the only way on the mobile):

Go to any form submission click the action icon (the blue thunderbolt in the top right) and then press Email Submission. This will pop up our normal email form and press Connect Email at the top.

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