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How to Use New PDF Builder (BETA)
How to Use New PDF Builder (BETA)
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Docspace has recently launched their brand new PDF Builder into Beta. What does this mean for you? It means that you can upload any old PDF and give it super powers by adding fillable fields, collecting signatures, capturing deficiencies, etc. This is perfect for anyone that is required to fill out an AHJ specific form!

Here is the three steps to get started:

Step 1: Upload your PDF

Make sure you're on the Forms page of the Docspace Web App. Once you're on the forms page click the "Create New Form" button in the top left corner. Once you click that button it will popup a modal. When you see the modal select the "Upload PDF" option.

Step 2: Add Fields To Your PDF

After you upload your PDF form you will be redirected to our PDF builder page. Once you're on this page you can drag and drop fields from our field list on the left directly onto your PDF.

After you have finished adding all the fields to the PDF form you can also modify how your new form will look on mobile by hitting the little cell phone icon in the top right corner of the screen. This view allows you to re-order fields and optimize the mobile form to work the way you want on a mobile device.

Step 3: Fill Out Your New PDF Form

After you have finished building your form you can either fill out the form online or by downloading the mobile apps. If you choose to test your form by filling it out online then follow these steps.

1. Go to Submission page and hit the "New Submission" button in the top left corner.

2. Select your new PDF form from the list that appears

3. Fill out your PDF

Each field with the blue color is an editable field that you added to your form. Once you've completed your form you can export it to PDF, email it, or simply keep it up on Docspace for many years to come!

Hope you all enjoy our new PDF builder! 😁

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